Top 5 Home Renovation Mistakes

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It’s no surprise that home renovation is a task that’s nothing to sneeze at. Many homeowners and renters find themselves wanting a fresh look, but have no budget to hire a contractor. What can you do? Not everyone grew up with a carpenter or craftsmen for a father. We understand the task can be daunting, but we are here to help!
But be warned, you will run into problems and mistakes that will cost you extra cash. That’s why the professionals we work with are as good as they are. We have made these mistakes before, and learned from them. If you don’t want these mistakes, come talk to us 🙂


These precautions are for those who are not afraid to step our of their comfort zone, take initiative, and do something great.





Cabinets are Dangerous

1) We find that one of the most common mistakes that are made in the most important room of the house, the kitchen! So many times, people buy kitchen cabinets, get them installed exactly the way they want, get completely finished and realize that the fridge does not fit. You always hear the phrase “measure twice, cut once” We say measure 15 times, cut once. (joking of course) Please just be sure that you have taken every single appliance: cabinet, microwave, and pantry, into account.


Cheap Contractor = Cheap Work

2) If you have looked into home renovation, chances are you have also looked into a contractor to see their prices. A contractor that seems to be doing the same job for less will only cut corners. A good contractor will always be very detailed with his/her evaluation by including many specific details, observations, and possible problems they could run into. If the company does not include these details, it is likely that the project will suffer.


Low-balling The Budget

3) No matter what job, unexpected costs will always pop up. Accidents happen, walls get holes in them, paint is scraped, wood cracks, and tiles snap. It is very important to make sure that you set aside at least 15% of the total budget of your project to make sure all foreseeable problems don’t kill the project!


Fearing Change

4) Living with an awkwardly laid out room might not be your fault, but its sure a mistake that you have to live with. Believe it or not, it isn’t all that difficult to move a toilet or a sink to another location! Take a few minutes to observe any blueprints, or simply observe the locations of the pipes. It might be easier than you might think to move things around!


Hardwood Floors Are Not Always The Answer

5) Everyone loves the look of fresh clean hardwood floors, but the can be more of a hassle than good. Hardwood floors are expensive, hard to maintain, easily scratched, and quickly worn down. Carpet might not be the perfect look that you are looking for, but it’s often time the safer option. A vacuum will outlast the countless bottles of floor cleaner, and floor finish you will need to maintain.


Many of these tips can save many homeowners a ton of heartache and money. Sometimes the things that we think seem like a good idea in the beginning turn out to hurt in the long run. Because we care so deeply about our clients, we want to remind you it’s important to keep in mind that mistakes will happen, and hopefully with these tips, we can help avoid a few of the major ones.



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